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About Us

Founded in 2003, VLS&CO. has been providing unparalleled legal services in India and Ethiopia for its clients.
Our firm’s specialized lawyers first like to hear clients’ problem and then walk them through each step of their case, taking care of any questions they may have along the way. With VLS&CO., you will feel comfortable, safe, and confident.
At VLS&CO., we are a Boutique law firm that provides specific services to the relevant issue of the clients. We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves.
As a Boutique law firm, our firm’s lawyer work closely with our clients and inform them each and every legal due process in advance so that they can make their decision for the best possible outcome in their matters.

Prevent Fraud and Alert

Please never transfer and pay fee into personal bank account of any person if they ask on behalf of firm. Firm has no responsibility for any one person who is transferring the money and receiving the money between their personal transactions and volunteer decision in specific matters or issues.

Our Clients

VLS&CO. a local and global law firm, has been privileged in representing the legal issues of some of the best clients in the community. Our results speak louder than what we can say about the successes that we have achieved for our clients. Here are some of our clients: